Wednesday 22 June 2022

Now, Much Later

 I rarely do the 'Topps Now' thing unless something really nice shows up for one of my team collections. July 30th last year was such a date, where there were 4 cards on the day that qualified, and I ordered the full day pass. 

One was a Joey Votto during his home run streak, which I've already placed in my CanCon collection. A couple others went to team collectors on my list. 

And the others are bound for my Jays/Mets collections.

After an almost two year absence, the Jays returned and played a home game in Toronto. The game ended with this great bare-handed catch from Santiago Espinal, and Topps managed to commemorate that with this perfect photo of it. And they were sporting the powder blues as well! 
The rest of the team content was a couple traded cards. While I still have opportunities to pull and new Berrios cards, the Baez ones will be less common. And I guess I technically have their first cards with their new teams, so, YAY?
And here's the card backs. Because for this set, you really don't need stats, but you do need the write-up.

There you have it!

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