Monday 6 June 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 18.1 - Forgotten but not Gone


I bought this repack a couple years ago. At least a couple years back. I then put the cards aside, and thought "I'll post them eventually". And I completely forgot I had them. Until I opened up a tin and found the cards neatly put away inside. 

I guess now is that time. I'm not feeling like a bunch of huge posts, so like when I do the 100 card repack posts of 25 each, these are getting broken down into 4 posts as well.

Unlicensed and underway! I still can't imagine how UD thought they could use these photos and get away with it.
If this repack had a theme, it would be 'Update'. Or 'Traded'. That is because there were 18 total cards from those type of releases in this repack. 2 pages worth. There's 3 of them in this first grouping of cards - Castro, Cangelosi and Morgan. 1986 Topps Traded would make the most appearances with 8. That Barry Bonds was probably an interesting pull at one point, but not as much now. Still, I like the way the arm patch seems almost perfectly parallel with the on-card logo.
Mets conent! Expos content! I find the Gallego interesting since it is a posed Fenway photo, but not one with the Green Monster in the background. Also, Gallego is far less important than Randy Johnson when it comes to blurring out background cigarette billboards. 
WOO-HOO! That card of Pete Ladd as Weird Al was a 'want' card for me for quite the while, but I never pulled the trigger on it. I guess for the past few years I always remembered that I had it sitting in a repack that I never got around to posting. That Pat Borders is considered to be his rookie (Like with Ladd, a 'Traded' set card), and he was a World Series MVP, so another cool get from the repack. 

Definitely a fun start to this! Why did I wait so long to show these off?

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  1. I enjoyed the efforts of Upper Deck's last year. It's like they got caught and they were like, "hey, we removed the team names, and technically none of the players have a complete logo on their helmets or uniforms, what's the big deal?"