Sunday 26 June 2022

Feeling a Draft


I don't really expect to find a primarily NCAA baseball product at a Canadian Wal-Mart, so I guess I've got to take a shot at it.
I really don't expect to find super-interesting photography on a set like this, but it looks like they managed to squeeze at least one into the packs. 
Here's the rest of the base cards. The logo-less cards were of high school draft picks. There's no way Panini is going to shell out the big bucks for random high school logos. As for the ones with logos, if you are looking for a Miami Redhawks baseball card, Sam  Bachman is your only player available at this point.
The first shiny card of the pack.
And here's the promised green pulsar parallel. 

And your inserts. With names like Thunderstruck and Fireworks, you know they'd look nice in shiny Prizm format, but they look really bland like this. Both of the players being dupes from base cards doesn't help either.
And here's the results of the 3-card Carolina Blue Velocity parallel pack. While I'm sure any Tar Heels cards in the set will look nice in this, that Sycamores card is just as perfect. I also admire the write-up on the back of the Justice card.
Now that is a way to get around licensing issues. Colorado Rocky Mountain squad indeed! And although they didn't get similar bios, Fulford, Bush and Martin could have. 4/15 cards made this a pack that probably should have been sent further west.

There you have it!

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  1. No plans at all to try a pack of this, so thanks for giving it a shot and posting the pics!