Saturday 23 October 2021

Recapping Raptors

 I've been posting basketball all week, why not one more post? So today, it is Raptors content from my COMC shipment.

I loves me some Fred VanVleet. And let's start it off with a Kings release with cards that look like they should look - a garish background. 
Or if you want something that's more of a modern thing, garish backgrounds, mixed with shininess. That's a Reactive Orange, Green Prizm and Pink Camo parallel, as you go left to right across this threesome.
Anytime is a good time to add a random JYD card to the binder.
Easiest 'Bumper Stumpers' ever.
Rodney Hood came to the Raptors as part of  the Powell/Trent trade. He moved on to the Bucks in the odd-season. Based on his partial season stint with the team, I can't imagine him getting a card with the team. So, this card of him with Duke will suffice for the collection. 
Freddie Gillespie was undrafted, but had a perfectly fine rookie season for the Raptors last year. However, his training camp/pre-season this year was disappointing, and he was released before the current season started. His only cards have been in Contenders Draft, so this is the perfect one-season card for him. And like with the Hood, since this is a collegiate card, and there aren't any NBA cards of him, this counts as a Raptors card. 

There you have it!

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  1. Those Van Vleets are nice, and I always love seeing Topps Pristine singles.