Friday 1 October 2021

Bills! Bills! Bills!

 Another Bills post!

There's a little bit of group break in this little post and a little bit of COMC stuff in this post. There will not be a more Buffalo card this release season than Josh Allen sporting a toque on this no-helmet SP variation out of Donruss.
Here's the rest of the more traditional base, with the typical veteran/rookie mix. I'm hoping that I see some Basham autographs this season where he signs them 'Boogie'.
Not a whole lot of parallels coming my way, but at least one of them was numbered. 
Off to the inserts, which provides an opportunity for there to be more Josh Allen content! It is nice that the Bills actually have players worthy of making their way into insert sets this year. QB catching a pass seems super rare in terms of photo content. Moreso than pitcher-at-the-plate, this is pitcher-sliding-into-third level rare.
The 2001 release gets a  salute in the insert set. 
One more piece of shininess before going into the COMC content.
Last season, Tre'Davious White was considered an Unsung Hero. This season, he's Elite.
Shawne Merriman spent most of his career with the Chargers, wrapping up his career with some time with the Bills. He only got a  couple cards to commemorate his late-career work, and this /100 card was the cheapest of the bunch. 
Kolby's only NFL games came with the Bills. Of course, this counts a Bills card.
The last card for this post will be a  relic, but it might be one of the more appropriate ones in terms of the name for the insert post. Goodwin's path to the NFL included time as a track & field athlete, including as an Olympian in 2012. So cross training was definitely a thing for him! Also, in a rarity for the 2013 rookie class, he's still in the league, now with the Bears.

There you have it!

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