Monday 18 October 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 42.1 - Cubism

 What shared the cube with that booklet card I posted yesterday? Let's see the first fifth!
2019 Contenders - Caris LaVert - First up - a base card eventually bound for Ann Arbor.
1992 Archives - Danny Ainge - There were a lot of these in here, with players given designs from their rookie year in the corresponding baseball design. I'll probably scan 'em all!
1991 Fleer - Rick Fox
2019 Hoops Winter - John Henson - A rather seasonal variant.
1992 UD International (Italian) - Manute Bol - There are players that it is always fun to pull a card of. Manute Bol certainly qualifies.
2001 UD Flight Team - Antoine Walker
1992 Fleer - Terry Davis
2019 Prizm - Jahlil Okafor - Another set that makes several appearances. An OK design - the team colours at the top are nice, but not the waves? in the corners of the image.
1989 Hoops - Mark West
1990 Fleer - Danny Ainge
2002 Finest - Robert Horry - The back of this card mentions a game from 2/14, so of course this totally goes in the 2/14 binder, but doesn't count towards the total. My binders. My rules.
2015 Complete - Josh Smith
2019 Hoops - Landry Shamet
1992 Archives - Kendall Gill - Much like in 1990, when the colours of the border just happened to match up with the team colours - the card was even better. 
2019 Hoops Winter - Rodions Kurucs
2001 Fleer Greats - John Thompson - Coach card! And a legendary one as well!
2001 UD Flight Team - Courtney Alexander
1991 Hoops - Bill Laimbeer
2018 Chronicles - Wesley Matthews
2002 Finest - Joe Johnson
2019 Prizm - Alfonzo McKinnie
2013 Hoops - Matt Barnes
2000 Finest - Isaiah Rider
1992 Archives - Thurl Bailey - While it is another Archives appearance, don't overlook the greatness of those Bullets shorts. 
1991 Fleer - John Bagley
2019 Hoops Winter - Willie Cauley-Stein - Alternate uni!
2015 Complete - Gerald Green
2001 UD Flight Team - Andre Miller
1994 Hoops - Tony Dumas - There's probably a reason that dunks aren't shown on cards from this angle very often - the player looks as ungraceful as possible.
1989 Hoops - Jeff Hornacek
2002 Finest - Jamal Mashburn
1990 Fleer - Ron Anderson
2013 Panini - Marcin Gortat
1992 Archives - Cliff Robinson - Keep the Archives coming!
2019 Hoops - Seth Curry
2001 UD Flight Team - Aaron McKie - This set made quite a few appearances early on in this - I like that even if the player is shooting a basic jumper, none of the photos have the player's feet touching the ground.
1995 Coll. Choice - Ken Norman
2015 Prizm - Richard Hamilton - Unlike with the Horry, there's no doubt about this one's 2/14 content. Surprisingly, this one is not a dupe, even though I do have a parallel or two of this.
2006 Hot Prospects - Darko Milicic
2013 Prestige - Tyler Zeller
2015 Complete - Amar'e Stoudemire
1998 Showcase - Terrell Brandon
1998 Showcase - Isaac Austin - Interestingly, two cards from the same set right beside each other, but because of the oddness of the Showcase release, there's two completely different designs. I think the Row 2 Austin is rarer.
2015 Complete - Thomas Robinson
2001 UD Flight Team - Latrell Sprewell
1993 UD International (Italian) - Rik Smits - Learn some Italian as the first batch ends. 

Perfectly acceptable start, especially with several appearances of a fun set like Archives. That John Thompson was a pretty nice card as  well.


  1. Intrigued by the Italian cards.

  2. I believe McKie was on the 76ers' Eastern Conference title team during the Iverson era.

    Looks like the Ainge and John Thompson are the stand-outs here.