Monday 4 October 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 41.1 - Week of 20+1s - Baseball

 I like doing week-long repack weeks here on the blog, and here's another one of 'em! A 4 sport variety of 20 card repacks, with a single hit added into the mix. Baseball's up first!

Visible Stadium Club? That's a keeper!
Let's get a better look at a play that doesn't get a lot of cardboard love - the rundown.
Expos content! A knuckler! And the Wrigley ivy! Heritage! That's definitely a solid start with the regular cards.
Not as interesting for me with this group, but at least there's a Blue Jays card. While 1990 Bowman is all over hockey repacks, not as much so for baseball ones. That's a beauty photo on the Shawn Green as well.
Here's the hit! With Bowman autos, it is always a crapshoot, but at least Gallagher reached the bigs for several seasons. And it is an on-card auto as well! Nice hit!
I guess the Fleer photographer was really busy that day at Wrigley when the Astros came to town. Stadium Club came through with a couple really solid photographs in this repack, with both the intro and this Jefferies.

Is Edman a Future Star? Probably not, but he is a future solid player, I guess. And a perfectly solid way to end the repack.


  1. I’d be pretty happy with that as far as baseball repacks go.

  2. Not bad! How much do you fork over for the repack?