Saturday 18 April 2020

Senator Catch-Up - Part 1

Most of the post over the past week or two were pre-written, and I took the time of blogging silence to move my Ottawa Senators collection over onto tcdb. While the Alfredsson portion of it was there, very little else was. I was waiting until everything else went in before finally getting around to posting a pile of recent Senators acquisitions, mostly from pick-your-team style group breaks.

I'm breaking this down into 3 parts. The first includes cards from outside this current season, the second includes cards from this season, and that will finish with the third part including cards from the brand new Platinum release.
Hammond may be the perfect example of a one-season wonder, but I'm going to be babbling about his insane 14-15 run where he willed a not-so-good Senators team into the playoffs.
This will be the only non-break card in this series. There was a small ding in the corner, which might matter to the GEM MINT types, but I'll take advantage of it to add this rookie parallel to my collection for $1.
Yes. There were Tim Horton's packs in the break. Don't question it.
Surprisingly, I actually needed the Alfredsson card that was part of these base cards from 2006 Hot Prospects.
I'm not too crazy about the white box that makes it look more like a stickergraph than an on-card. While Puempel isn't the autograph people want to see come from a 15-16 release, it was perfect for my collection.
Even if they're just one-colour swatches, I'll always welcome cards from The Cup into  the binders.
The big box for me was the box of 18-19 Ultimate. There's four cards in the pack, and I got ended up with both of the autos. I can't really parse Maxime Lajoie out of that - it looks more like an ampersand, but an auto is still an auto.
And this is the second auto from that box. While I've added a few sticker autographs to my collection already, this is my first on-card autograph. It mixes nicely with a piece of the shoulder patch (which you can see on Lajoie's photo), and an interesting photo with what I'll assume to be Brady's first career goal to make a really nice looking card, easily my favourite of his.

Next up, some SP Game Used, some SPX, some Allure and some Synergy.


  1. The Tkachuks are awesome, and I love the Peumpel OPC Platinum auto. I wish UD had used blue as a regular parallel color; I've only got one in my frankenset.

  2. It doesn't get much cooler than an on card autograph with a nice patch.