Wednesday 1 April 2020

2006-07 Parkhurst Box Break - Part 4 of 4

And a fun box comes to an end with these 6 packs:

Pack 19:
As is typical for this, there's players who make frequent appearances in recent products (Hextall), those that show up here and there (LeMaire)and those who rarely show up (Pronovost). That's why this set is so great.

Pack 20:
I love the appearance of defunct teams in sets, such as with the Plett. Some nice tough guy content as well on the bottom, with them combining for over 4000 minutes worth of sin bin time.

Pack 21:
Well, there's the final autograph of the box, and it has to be my favourite of the four. An on-card autograph of one-third of the more famous brother combinations in hockey history, and unlike with Peter, there really aren't too many of them out there.

Pack 22:
I may have commented that a previous pack was a Bruins hot pack with a few cards, but top this one! The odd-man out is a Kitchener Rangers alum, so even that is a great card. Judging by the lack of scars on the mask, I guess that Cheevers was early in the season.

Pack 23:
There's the final non-NHLer card in this with legendary host Ron MacLean. Surprisingly, this is card #1 in the set numbering scheme.

Pack 24:
And there we have it. And my final card, in the final pack, is one of the greatest names to say out loud in hockey history with Reijo.

And that's that! A really fun break, with the only complaint being the dupes of the /3999 portion of the set. I've added my remaining needs to my set builder wantlist, so help me out if you can!


  1. It looks like all three Stastny brothers signed for this set. It'd be really cool to collect them all.

  2. Well, no contenders for the best pack of the box. But Hextall and Clarke kind of make up for it.