Tuesday 7 April 2020

Opening some Opening Day

2020's Opening Day might be unknown at this point, but there's always time for opening some new product.
The box promises an extra, exclusive Jays card per three packs. I guess this is my first opening Day card for the season then. These parallels are exclusives to Canadian Walmarts, and I guess this rookie is the one you want to pull.
Kershaw was the first pack-pulled card from the set. This does set a theme for the break through, as Jays and Dodgers were the most common teams in the packs.
But first, here's the only Mets card in the packs.
But I'll shift back to Toronto for the first Jays card of the packs.
And the Jays were also represented among the inserts, specifically this one that saluted the actual 2019 opening.
My favourite photo in the packs was this beautiful Matt Carpenter.
If photos that you'll likely see in Series 2 are more your thing, here's my favourite among those with this casual Robles catch.
Back to the inserts, here's a Traditions card. Interestingly, this pack also had the Aaron Judge base card. Yay, collation!
But this here was actually a pretty big hit for the packs. The Walk this Way insert, which commemorates walk-off homers, falls at a rate of 1:369 packs, so they're pretty rare pulls. As one can tell by the jersey, this would be the Dodgers walk-off homer on Jackie Robinson Day, making it one of the more perfectly timed walk-offs from last season as well.

And there you have it!


  1. Wow, those first and last cards in particular seem like great pulls, don't think you can ask for more than that from Opening Day!

  2. Even though I hate the Yankees I think the Judge's chambers is very cool. Bonus points to Topps for including Sonia Sotomayor in the photo.

    You're lucky to have bonus Canadian-exclusive Blue Jays this year with all the young studs in the set. Very nice Bichette RC!

  3. Wow. Topps is actually producing non-auto/non-relic inserts with 1:369 pack odds? Kudos to them. And congratulations on pulling one of them.

  4. Lots of great pulls! Totally agree with Fuji... didn’t know Topps had it in them...

  5. Walk this way? Got an Aerosmith ear worm now