Tuesday 1 January 2019

Boxing Day Boxes - Part 1 of 2 (or Boxing Day BOOM Part 1 of 2)

Boxing Day seemed like a perfect time to bust a few boxes. So, while I have COMC shipments, mailings and repacks to get to, I figured that doing the most recent breaks will actually make me seem more caught up than I really am. First up, 17-18 Ice in all its acetate greatness.
If I'm showing off a base card, let's make it a Senators one.
More Sens content in the Ice Premieres portion of the set. Generally, the more highly-considered a rookie is, the lower their base card is numbered to.
You can't see it in the scan, but these also have a refractory look in the background.
Hit #1. A one colour swatch bound for the mask binder at some point. All his game action this year has been in the AHL.
Hit #2. BOOM! There's definitely quite the contrast there in terms of fame for the respective netminders. As the set name indicates, this is quite the Exquisite addition to my collection. Hall of Famer? Three-colour patch? On-card autograph? Low-numbered? Throw in a perfectly placed design allowing for both patch and signature as well. That's a lot of great boxes to check off to make this card a beauty.


  1. Daaam that's a killer Brodeur card! Congrats on pulling that beauty!

  2. I had a feeling Chris would like that Marty! I'm glad to see your box luck continues, Doug--what a great pull!

  3. Amazing Martin card there - looks beautiful.

  4. D-A-M-N, nice Brodeur! I actually love the look of that Pastrnak Sub-Zero insert as well. Great box it looks like.

  5. Biggety bam! Sweet Brodeur! Congratulations and Happy New Year!