Thursday 24 January 2019

Too Many B-Ball cards

Finally, after 5 posts, I can put the latest envelope from TMM/V to bed.
Speaking of putting to bed, this finally fell off my set-builder want list, and wraps up the 2017 Heritage Minors non-SP base set.
And these dropped off my top 10 wantlist. Alberto Castillo's base card was, for some reason, a need for my collection of everyone who played for the Jays and earned a card, and Stieb was a need for my "that's a cool Jays card" collection.
Relics for my Delgado collection!
A David Cone relic (complete with a pinstripe) for my Mets collection.
I'm not a buyback super collector, but I won't pass on adding them to the collection either. Yes, I did check with Shane's list over at Shoebox Legends just to make sure these were not needs over there.
The baseball section wouldn't be complete without a new 2/14 card. So here's a Tyler Clippard Chrome card from 2007 Turkey Red that's numbered to /1999.
Since I really don't want to extend this to 6 posts worth, I'll consider basketball as part of the b-ball and add the single basketball card in the mailer to this post. This is the third printing plate of Richard Hamilton I have and that comprises my entire 1/1 collection in the basketball portion of the binder.

Whew. That wraps up the trade. Thanks for all these! I dropped an envelope in your direction about a week back, but that was more quantity over quality. I've got a few things in my next COMC mailer that will hopefully be more of the latter than the former.

There you have it!

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