Monday 7 January 2019

Random Shiny Cubs

I'll be doing some group break posts for today and next time, highlighting some niceness to come out of some inexpensive randoms. Football tomorrow. Baseball today!

I had two teams in this half-case of Optic, with the randomizer landing on the Cubs and Mets. The Mets spot landed me nothing that I didn't already have from a previous pick-your-team break, so this is an all-Cubbies post.
The Cubs warranted a full page worth of base cards in this, with no variations. It did put a nice dent in my set build for this, though, and did make me add the rest of the needs to my set wantlist linked at the side.
Numbered shininess!
And an autograph! While I would rather have an autograph of Dawson on the Expos, if he was on the Expos here I wouldn't have landed the auto. A Hall of Famer's auto, even in a logoless product, is a nice addition to the collection.

There you have it! Football next!

1 comment:

  1. It's a logoless auto with that picture of The Hawk actually isn't that noticeable. Dawson has one of the best signatures out there. Congrats on the break!