Tuesday 23 October 2018

Mailbag: A Cracked Bat

Time to crack open the mailbag, and a trio of Mets-filled envelopes that Julie sent my way a while back, and that I've been sitting on for way too long.
I'm just going to these in the alphabetical order of the file names they arrived in. That's not the most creative option, but maybe I'm just holding on to a bit of laziness from yesterday.
My Big League busting has been limited to one pack (I blame the lack of Bark in the Park cards) so any of these are very welcome. And only one of these guys is still a Met. Typical.
Yup. These are very 90s cards.
Similar gaudiness, just far more recent. Gaudiness is not bad, BTW.
This was oldest card in the package. Still a need, though.
If I wasn't a Todd Hundley super-collector before, this might inspire me to add a section for him to my collection. I'm torn over my favourite. While I'll always enjoy holograms on cards, that photo on the Ultra is gorgeous. The stadium is the real star there.
The only hit in the packages was this Lucas Duda. While this doesn't have the game-used sticker one would see in Tribute/Strata, but this is dated on the card to the 4.15.2015 game.
Twice the mania!
Lee Mazzilli, and a suitably goofy photo. What a great card!
The alphabetical uploads end with Wilson. I like the Pinnacle look with the names of things associated with the city/team on the bottom. If you can't do a photo like 1993 Leaf, this is almost OK.

And there you have it! Thanks for the envelopes, Julie, and I'll be sure to see if I can dig up any more OPC Tigers at the Expo next month.

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  1. you are welcome! This PWE thing is working out well with my Canadian pals.