Tuesday 9 October 2018

A Mets Finale

Looks like I'm finally wrapping up the trade envelope from Kerry @ Cards on Cards. And not a moment to soon, as I've got a return package ready to head out as soon as the post office thing is settled.
Yes. There will be Mets in this post. And this Sportflics card is the perfect header.
Stickers! And probably the only way Ron Romanick can get into my collection!
This 1989 Bowman is probably the only card that won't end up in the binder, due to slightly larger size of it.
A Diamond King! Even better that it is from the era when they were painted.
Stadium Club! As great as the photo is on the Ordonez, I have to select Rick Reed, pitcher-at-the-plate, as the best photo in this group of 8.
Amazingly, all three of these The Rookies guys are still with the organization.
I'm finally ending this, and doing so with an autograph. While this is a dupe, I'm more than happy with it, as I wanted a Brian Bannister in my penmanship collection. It's always nice to find a home for something in a second binder. And there you have it!

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  1. if nothing else, Brian has a nice sig! Kerry is a great trade pal!