Wednesday 10 October 2018

2018 Chronicles Box Break - Packs 1, 2 and 3

I really liked the results when I picked up the Mets in a case break of it, mainly because of the great variety of designs contained within. It felt like going through some Rookie Anthology. Since 6 packs at 8 each makes for an easy split when it comes to scanning and posting, I'll do it like that, and hit the next 3 packs in the next post.

Pack 1:
7 different releases covered in the first pack of 8, with only Chronicles itself doubling up. There's also Cornetstones, Limited, Prizm, Phoenix, Illusions and Status in this octet. The Stanton is a Granite parallel out of /25, and the Robles is a Hyper parallel /299. Of these, I really like the double image on the Illusions, and they look really nice with the different colours on the jerseys.

Pack 2:
Donruss, Crusade and Select make their first appearance in this box. This is the first of several packs where a specific player appears twice, although I doubt Kerry will object to a few more Molinas in the mail. Honeywell is a good prospect for Tampa, but he missed 2018 after Tommy John surgery. The only numbered card in this group was the Press Proof of Molina.

Pack 3:
I guess if you don't get a hit, you get a Spectra card. There's my second dupe pack of a player, with the pair of Ozzie Albies cards. The Phoenix is an orange parallel /199. Joining that new Spectra card are entries from Classics and Contenders Optic. The pink parallel out of Spectra is /75.

And that's three packs worth of Chronicles. The other 3 up next!

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