Sunday, 9 December 2012

Heritage High Numbers Mets & Jays

So, Padrographs picked up the Heritage High Numbers set, and offered up some of the teams in a box break. A perfect chance to pick up some Jays and Mets, so I went for it. They finally worked their way through Canada Customs, and arrived last week.

I think I like the Mets ones better than the Jays ones. The trees in the background make them obvious spring training shots, therefore appropriate for an update set. I was surprised Morrow wasn't in the original set, and  again we get hosed out of a Omar Vizquel Jays card. But that's all I have in terms of complaints about this.

As I'd been seeing other people report in that they were getting extra cards, I knew I'd be getting some as well. I ended up getting nothing but Blue Jays, a nice thing when you live in home team premium territory. Most were from the past couple years, but one wasn't. And that one card was one that I'd been looking at grabbing for a bit.

The Celtics-bound Danny Ainge. Also, some shiny goodies were in there:
And 1/2 of the 6 players who are taking their acts to South Beach.

And here's a quick sampling of some of the other cards that went my way:

I really liked the Drabek. Cheers for the break, and the bonus cards!

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