Thursday 4 July 2024

Sticker Time!

 Just a random sticker insert today.

I'm not sure too many children were excited to stick Morten Andersen (and Dan Stryzinski) on their binders back in the day, but there was still an opportunity. Even if the ball is visible both in the photo and separately on the sticker.

But looking at the checklist, at least it isn't a Yardmarkers card, or 'Referee', or 'Action Words'.

Or Anthony Smith.


  1. I bought the hell out of 1996 CC as that was what my budget allowed as a kid. Still have the set and most of the inserts, but I still need some gold Team MVPS and some YCTG.

  2. The referee Stick-Um isn't too bad... but the yard markers and action words were pretty bad. I'd much rather pull an Anderson than any of those.