Sunday 21 May 2023

New Sensations

 Back to my COMC to-be-posted box, and a small stack of new Senators cards. 

Most of the stuff here comes from the "cheap because of epacks" category, with 2 exceptions. This, and the following items. You can pretty much trace the time of the release of this set to just after Craig Anderson moved on to Ottawa based on to his still rocking the Yeti themed mask from his time with the Avs.

Whether this counts as a sticker, a card or an insert, this is still the newest addition to the Daniel Alfredsson collection, coming from Collector's Choice 2009. 

Austin Watson makes his debut in the Senators collection. He definitely had some baggage when he arrived with the team in terms of domestic violence issues, but it seems he's gotten that under control as he has gone sober. I'll remain cautious though. 
Best photo goes to a canvas insert. While that isn't too surprising, it being one of the Young Guns is.
Tim Stutzle wins the numbers battle, even if I didn't make the best effort to make sure the cards were oriented nicely on the scanner.
Of course AHL cards of the Belleville Senators count towards the collection. If badly photoshopped Bowman cards count towards team collection, why shouldn't these? Of this threesome, only Lassi has made it to the NHL to get Ottawa cards, but maybe the other two will get Ottawa cards, and hopefully Wedman will get a more flattering photo on a future card.

There you have it!

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