Saturday 13 May 2023

Forgotten Packs


I'm not sure how long I've had these packs open and ready to post. I just happened to open up a tin of UD hockey that I'd been using for storage a couple days back, and these were in there. Before this reaches (at least) the 3 year mark, let's dig in!
Donruss wasn't the most interesting of the packs, and, as with all of the releases, had rather bland photo choices. I did like this one, for having something different than the 'player running towards the camera' theme.
Quintez Cephus' name sounds like a character from an In Living Color sketch. 
Nice veteran content though. Again, one of my favourite things about the release is that they make sure the logo on the card matches the era of the photo.
Interestingly, all four of the blue parallels sorta match with the team colours. 

My favourite photo overall from the three packs comes from the Panini pack - a shot of the defender with the ball.
Dear God, Peterman got a base card in his second season. First Bills card from these packs, though.
For some reason, the rookies in this set have a matte finish to them. 
Here's those two Bronze Knight parallels the packaging promised. A good pack on the whole for someone that collected defensive players, at least when it comes to the cards I've highlighted.
You even get one more with the insert.

Absolute brings the foil-y cards to the mix. I do like working the team colours, name and logo into the background versus a very generic white background. So at least this has that.
Only two rookies in this pack, both Tampa and both defensive players. I swear that I didn't realize that I'd scanned so many defenders while I was going through the packs and picking out what to scan.
And the blue parallels. That's the final Bills card of the break.

A couple nice cards in there, but there was definitely a reason I put these packs into a tin and completely forgot about them until a few days back. 


  1. Finding packs like that almost makes them new to you!

  2. That Youngblood blue proof looks really sharp. Wilson is nice, too.

    I ended up with about 1/3 of the 2018 Absolute set because I was working at a law firm next to a Dollar Tree and they had five-card packs. I went there at least once a week and grabbed handfuls of these and NBA Hoops. Didn't pull any inserts so it's nice to see what they look like here.