Monday 1 May 2023

Mailbag: Jays from Dennis @ too Many Verlanders


Back to the bubble mailer again, and the pile of Blue Jays stuff that was in the envelope.
There was too much for one scanner bed, so here's a teasing of some of the base/parallels within. I was almost hoping that the Triple Play game card was scratched.

Oooo! Yuletide-y!
While he probably didn't win the battle in terms of volume, Aaron Hill was at the top when it came to inserts/parallels. That green comes in at /450, the orange /250 and the Opening Day at a somewhat odd /2199. The retro card wasn't numbered, but I was pleasantly surprised that the stats on the reverse of the card do a pretty good mimic of the set they borrowed from. 
I'm torn between "I miss the manu-relic cards with some weight to them that feel like something special" and "I prefer cards that I can easily fit into an album page". Groshans went to the Marlins in the trade that brought Zach Pop back home to play in Ontario.
This one is about as thick as the Groshans, but seems so much more manageable. I'm not sure why.
If you're not the type that considers manufactured patches/medallions/whatnot to be actual hits, here's a couple. I'm not sure what those multi-shaded blue swatches are from, but at least it does bring some variety to both cards in terms of what the piece originates from.

Just some Mets and CanCon to go!

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