Sunday 26 March 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 9 - A Hanger With a Hit

 3 straight basketball posts? Why not? It is my blog, after all.

And here's what I'm opening up today. We've got a nice full-bleed photo to lead.

Here's the first batch of cards. The Mike Bibby is almost a new card for the Vancouver Grizzlies collection, but, alas, he's listed with Sacramento. There were a lot of 1991 Skybox in this, but at least for a junk wax era release, there were some interesting cards. 
Small School Sensation salutes the players that have very uncommon, at least in the sporting world, alma maters on their cards. Now, I would have preferred to see the players wearing the attire of their schools, but maybe there were licensing issues. Sedale is still the only NBAer in history with WV Tech on their resume. 

And that Dell Curry isn't an award-winner card, it is just from a subset saluting 6th men in general. Curry would win the award a few years later, though.
Not only is it a 1991 Skybox hot repack, but also a Dell Curry one. 

Here's the hit! I find this one pretty interesting, as not only does it feature one player that is considered a bust, but both of them seem to find themselves on those types of list. That's enough to make this far more interesting than a photo-shoot worn relic of some 2nd rounder with only a handful of games to their name.  
Looks like Dell Curry wasn't the only player to make more than 1 appearance in this repack. Brad Daugherty joins him with 1.5 cards. Starks is kind of a two-sport card, with the Spectrum rafters and its collection of Flyers championship banners. The Jeff Sanders is interesting too, as it creates one of my favourite features from the early Stadium Club cards.
Namely, the rookie card on the back being the same as the card itself. 
And the finale. As usual, the regular Prizm card scans horribly.

A couple interesting cards from the junk wax era, and a hit that I (if not most other people) would consider interesting. That's exactly what I like from a repack experience. 


  1. A double relic from a repack? Don't see that often.

  2. Nice dual relic hit! I've never pulled anything like that out of a repack.

    1. I've found an octo-relic before -

  3. Enjoyed that Bulls relic, back when there was a lot of hope for the team. Jay got a lot of heat for his motorcycle injury back then.