Wednesday 29 March 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 10 - Let's Try Again

 The first time I tried one of those two-pack hangers from Wally World worked out pretty well, as I got a nice little St. Louis auto that was perfect to send to Portland at some point. What about the second time?

I switch from a Blue Jay on the S2 packaging to Mets content. 
No, I didn't hose things up and scan the same cards twice. I got 4 dupes in the same pack. At least this pack wasn't picked up by a set builder.

But at least that Mike Trout insert was nice. Even if I could go several years without seeing a 1987 flashback card again.

And the Select was assembled just like the pack last time. A retail base, a scope parallel, a hit, and an insert. While the shade of the card might not be exactly Cubs blue, it is close enough to make it a good card. And it might only be a plain white swatch, but it is pretty large.

While the Williams is probably my favourite keeper card from the two repacks, the overall enjoyment level in this was really reduced by the run of dupes.

There you have it!


  1. Cool Trout card and nice shiny cards. Not sure who Joan Adon is but that's a huge patch on that card!

  2. Four dupes in one pack? That's ridiculous. Topps really has fallen off in recent years.

  3. Yes I thought we were past the days of dupes in the same pack