Wednesday 8 March 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 7.3 - A Hundred Hanger

 Off to the other side!

A rather foil-y start to this. 

Chris Stams wrapping up an unfortunate Bengal is probably going to be on the top when I rate the photographs in this repack. Earl Campbell's is a pretty nice usage of a 70s era photo that doesn't look like an older photo on a modern card. And I will repeat my love for the 1986 Topps design.
Some 80s stuff here. Special Teams love for the first one, and "Butz gets his Man" making my inner Beavis chuckle. Still, good for him on having that moment preserved on cardboard. Earl Campbell makes another Texas appearance, and that Marcus Allen just screams out 'Mid 90's card'. 

Lots of the same sets we've been seeing frequently so far. Except that Warren Moon. That's the first 2015 Prizm in this. 

Aside for the Moon, my favourites in this part may have been the older stuff - the Stams, the Allegre, the Butz. Everything Butz!

There you have it!


  1. You said Butz...great stuff!

  2. Two of my most recent set builds here: 2015 Prizm and 1986 Topps. You got a couple nice Campbells and a Rogers, too. Where can I find one of these repacks?