Thursday 5 May 2022

Hooray for Hollywood!

 And Hooray for some new cards for the 2/14 collection!

Classic Hollywood on a vintage card, dating back to 1939 for this appearance of John Barrymore. He's shown portraying Mercutio here, to bring some Shakespearian sophistication into the binder.
That's far more extensive of a biography that I'd expect out of a card back that was adhesive. Check out that second sentence in it for one of the more impressive run-on sentences ever immortalized on cardboard. Wow. Does anyone to take a shot at diagramming that sentence?
Another 1939 set, and it is a set called "My Favorite Part". What was Florence Rice's favorite part?
There you go!

My appearances of Florence Henderson in the collection so far have been cards featuring the entire cast of the Brady Bunch. Here, things are a little less crowded.
But Edward Platt gets the solo treatment on this card, which is the second one in my collection featuring him. No need to say "Sorry about that" here, as his previous appearance was, like Florence, one featuring more of the cast in the photo. Both of these come from the same set, 1998 Inkworks TV's Coolest Classics.
I have this photo of Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny in the collection, but not in Magic Motion form prior to this.
Finally, the Gremlins set. I've decided that any card that features a photo of Zach Galligan counts towards the collection, not just his specific cards featuring the character. This bumps my total cards of Galligan, all from this set, to 4. I could also put the top and bottom ones in my MST3K collection, for those also show Hoyt Axton. Hoyt, sings one of the more famous tunes ever forced upon the denizens of the Satellite of Love.



There you have it!

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