Sunday 1 May 2022

2/14s - Hockey and Football

 Exactly what it says on the tin.

Topps Total to start is always a good thing, and this one brings a bonus appearance of David Tyree prior to making one of the most famous catches in football history. Sinorice Moss also had a pretty solid career, as they join a 2/14 baby for a Giants card from their Super Bowl season. 
3 more cards of Marc-Olivier Brouillette makes for a new member of the double-digit club in the collection. All CFL cards as well, and he is easily the leader in terms of cards from the 3-down game. The Total of Jared Lorenzen also put him in that position.
Shininess of a #1 draft pick. Clowney is about 10 cards away from the triple digit club in the collection. There's also a Bruce Smith card in this insert set, which I added a long time ago to my Bills PC.
I have 25 more Christian Hackenberg cards than passes he has thrown in the NFL. The joys of having any drafted QB sent to the rookie premiere. 
That actually segues into hockey nicely. While the NFL doesn't have a rule requiring a player to be on an active game roster to get a card, the NHL does. That must not apply to stickers, since Golyshev never appeared in a game. I guess the rumors he would make the roster this year made Topps confident enough to issue this. 

He's since returned to the KHL after not making the Islanders, and this might be the only item he gets on this side of the Atlantic.
The Intimidation Nation was a goalie only insert set. Perfect for the mask binder, and perfect in this case for the 2/14 collection. I only now hope that Mrazek gets a Leafs card at some point. 
At least these paper thin parallels will not take up that much room in the collection. 
This ends with another one of those parallels that are super cheap because of epacks. It is all about the numbers!

There you have it!

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  1. Very cool that you were able to add a player who never played in a regular-season NHL game. Also I loved the UD 20th anniversary parallels, but the thin card stock is the only negative (unless you're looking to save binder/box space!)