Saturday 2 April 2022

Keeping Kayfabe vs. Identity Theft

 The 1988 Wonderama NWA release might have been wrestling's version of Topps Total. 300+ cards meant that even the jobbers got cards.

So, despite zero televised victories, you could get cards of guys like George South, Trent Knight and Rocky King, the latter of whom passed away this week. The ones with stats on the back might have given you enough information to hack a facebook account.
That's definitely a little more than hometown and birthdate information. Not even early Donruss Studio was as detailed.
But the best is when they kept kayfabe on the back. Chris Champion and Sean Royal formed the New Breed, a tag team that had time traveled from 2002 (when Dusty Rhodes was President). So, you got some absolute silliness all over their card. Which is amazing to read all these years later. 
Of course, Sean's card was similarly wacky. I loved the early Synthesizer Rex stuff, before he sold out and went all commercial.

There you have it!


  1. I was hoping to get an explanation of what kayfabe is. Oh well.

    '88. So had Grace Jones just been in A View to a Kill?

  2. In 1988, I was really into WWF, but that might have changed had I been exposed to these cards. Very cool set.

  3. Well I've learned a new word today. Where does kayfabe derive from? It sounds a little bit like pig latin.