Thursday 16 December 2021

Recapping Rangers


I've already highlighted the 2/14 content out of the recent e-pack arrivals, as well as some of the Canvas cards. Now, here's the PC that ended up with the majority of the cards from the mailer - that of some Kitchener Rangers alum. One of which was this 'Territories' card from 2016 MVP, which did the 1993 Leaf thing of using a picture from the city as a background.

Apparently, Anaheim is best known for off-ramps.
In terms of volume, Compendium easily won that battle with a whole bunch of cards from the e-pack only's 3 years of releases. The photos might be pretty generic on the whole, but they do occasionally add something different to the mix, such as the celebratory Landeskog and Skinner from the first group, and the super casual Leivo bear the end. Also, that Ben Thomson near the start was the only card he'd see in his NHL career, which was comprised of 3 games with New Jersey. He's still playing on this side of the Atlantic, and is in the Vegas system this year.
Second up for most cards was MVP. While Compendium brought the deep checklist, it was parallels here. Not a base card in this grouping, although that Gibson to start this post was.
While I'd showed off some of the Canvas inserts in an earlier post, I still had a few put aside for this post. 
Here's some shininess. That top-left card of Skinner was an All-Star parallel, which were sorta tough pulls from this release. Still, they were really cheap in e-pack land. Also, the card features a cameo appearance from Gritty! Or at least part of his backside.
Not too much variety in the # of names that I had numbered cards of, but they do add some more shininess.
Swatches! That's my second of those MacInnis Ultimate cards, since he's also a 2/14 baby.
Here's a couple autographs to end this rather picture-filled post. Interestingly, both of these guys are in the LA Kings system, even though Pinelli, although Pinelli has been returned to the Rangers for this season after being drafted in the second round earlier this year.

There you have it!

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