Wednesday 15 December 2021

Another Canadian Retail Rarity


Another product that I'd never seen before north of the border, and knowing my love for Chronicles, I had to at least buy one hanger pack.

First card out is 2/14 baby Yermin Mercedes! I already like this pack, even though this was a dupe of one of the cards I got from a group break where I had the White Sox spot. But, there was something I didn't notice when I originally posted this card.
His 2/14ness was the Did You Know on the reverse of the card. This certainly moves this card up the potential rankings when I do my annual 2/14 post, but will it be enough to knock his Fire entry as Yermin's entry in my Top 10? Probably.
While the hobby packs only have one of the non-chromed/hit cards per pack, there's a few more here. Due to those being rarer in the hobby format, I kinda like this here to add to the variety. 2 true base cards per pack? I'm fine with that, since you could likely bust a hobby box without finding even one of those.
I wasn't expecting one of those America's Pastime cards, but watching some pack breaks on youtube showed that there seemed to be one-per-hanger.
Just like the hobby packs, only one acetate card was found in this pack.
The first of the foil cards. The colours, or the lack thereof doesn't really work on the Overdrive cards, but I have less problems with it on the Titan. I'm still not sure why.
Here's that promised Pink Pulsar. Garish! Which is kinda what you want from this.
The final foils. Revolution has seemed to be an exclusive part of the retail releases, so this is my first time pulling one of those. The similar photos, with one foot raised, is a pleasant collation coincidence.

There you have it!

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  1. The first Pache wins it. In a logoless set, it's all about a camera angle that makes the lack of a logo less obvious.

    If Bohm had been just somewhat decent, the Phillies would have won the NL East.