Friday 25 June 2021

Series 2

Better late than never when it comes to recapping a hobby box of Series 2. I opted for a regular hobby box as opposed to a jumbo box. It just seemed like a better value on the whole than the jumbo box, even if I didn't get the complete base set out of it (18 short).

Of the 312 base cards I di get, these were some of my favourite photos in the bunch. Cardboard fans, masks, and bunting cards. The Wallach card is amazing in its simplicity. 

The photo variation I landed in the Series 1 box was an incredibly bland photo of Alex Bregman. At least the S2 box gave me something far more interesting with this Cutch dive.

Many of the inserts were continued from S1. But DH debuts is new, highlighting the arrival of the DH in the 2020 National League. It might be little more than an excuse for another insert card of star hitters, but at least it is something new in terms of theme, instead of just a generic LOOKATTHESESTATS card.
Here's the promised hit of the box. At least it wasn't a plain white swatch.

Where the hit didn't exactly come through with a spectacular card, but the parallels did. Here's a /99 vintage stock parallel. And a decent enough player to be landing one of.

And if the /99 parallel isn't rare enough, here's one /10. These clear parallels are even tougher to come across than the low numbering would indicate. They aren't paralleled through the entire set - there's only 100 per series, which would at least limit the available players to a more notable caliber. The bat on the photo has a slight 3d effect in hand, whether that's intentional or not. 

But, as always, either of these parallels are available for trade in return for something in a Met or a Jay.

Speaking of a Met, here's a final one, in the bonus pack. While I didn't get any numbered parallel or autograph in it, at least there was one more Met card. And they're always welcome in a 1986 form.

There you have it!


  1. I like the cardboard fan photo and the Cub running down the fly. Can't read the names.

    Bregman wins the round. You must be living well if a swatch card of an All-Star is disappointing.

  2. Thanks for showing off the goods!