Wednesday 9 June 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 21: Who's Counting?


Another repack from my to-be-posted box, with football coming up today. There's a fib on the front of this package, though. They advertise 20 cards plus a hit, but there were a few more than 21 cards in the pack.

Here's your first six. First up is a HOFer, which is nice, even if my fave photo in this group sees Wesley Walls sharing his celebratory mood with someone in the audience.
Kicker card! And he's sandwiched by a pair that will most certainly end up in the Hall of Fame. Heritage as well! Solid group!

Here's the hit! Which was quickly set aside for a future mailer to Ann Arbor.
We're pushing past the 21 card mark with this grouping. That Robert Brooks would easily be my favourite card in the pack, if it weren't for the first card in the lower row. It might not officially be a Steve McNair card, but he's the one featured on the team card, so it most certainly counts as the newest card in the 2/14 binders. Throw in a shiny Prizm card, and two more Hall of Famers (OK, not quite yet for Megatron), and that's a great grouping.
One last card to go, and the visible card on the back hits one of my favourite motifs - a defender with the ball.  

That was a really good repack, even without considering the extra cards.


  1. The card with the guy on the bike very random

  2. Great repack or greatest repack? A UM hit, a kicker, and a biker is a pretty impressive repack.

  3. That last card is disgusting.

    I like those Pro Set art cards. The bike is funny. Megatron is always a good get.

  4. I've gotta sort out my Packers and see if I have a copy of that Robert Brooks card. That thing is awesome!