Saturday 29 May 2021

2021 Score Box Break - Pack 2

 It might be all downhill from here, but I have 3 autos, some parallels, some inserts and great photos to look forward to. 

Big Ben leads the way this time as the first card out.
Here's two of my favourite themes for football call photos - a defensive player with the ball, and the player not touching the ground. This is Jeff Heath's first base card you could pull from a pack since 2013 National Treasures. He has had inserts and an Instant card, but that's it. Jefferson was all over last year's releases for his rookie year.

Tommy Tremble is right up there with Guy Whimper in terms of having an unintimidating name.
If the moment before the catch was the theme for photos in the first pack, here it was missed tackles. 
With his name, it is a good thing Peyton became a QB. Unlike his namesake, Ramsey wasn't drafted first overall. Or at all. Looks like he has been invited to the Bengals camp.
The parallel. He went to the Jags in the 4th round. 

And the inserts. TJ Watt has an interesting celebration style. Very Ministry of Silly Walks. Breakthrough gives another card to solidify it as my favourite insert design in the set, and there's the last Justin Fields appearance for this box. 

Voila! Pack 2. As expected, not even close to the first pack, but if it did reach that level, I probably would have been out buying lotto tickets and not posting scans of the cards. 

There you have it.