Tuesday 18 May 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 18.1: 7-11 Hundreds


In a determined move to at least sample every pack of these at these at the 7-11, here's 100 hockey cards. As I seem to have been doing lately, I'll break these down into 25 per post over the next 4. There's a parallel visible on the left, but I'll start with the right side.

Here's a better look at the Bolland, dinged corner and all.

The first grouping of eight shows a theme that would continue throughout the repack - Heroes and Prospects. Lots of 'em. There were well into the double-digits in terms of total appearances among the 100 cards. I like minor league jerseys, so I have no complaints about this. Throw in a couple Sens as well and this is a solid start.
More H&P here, with Cody Eakin's Swift Current Broncos gear winning this battle. That's a decent rookie card of Heinze as well. 
That visible Berglund wasn't the only 20th anniversary parallel in this. There's an Erik Cole as well. I prefer the ones for the teams that weren't around at the time, giving the 'what if' vibe. And I can compare them to the original version in the same scan. Unfortunately, that also means that in hand, I can also note how flimsy the anniversary versions were to the originals. A rare miss for UD. 

There you have it! 

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