Thursday 16 May 2019

Expo Recap: Post 11 - Nothing but the Hockey Hits

And here's the last of the individual cards I purchased.
While these technically aren't hits, these do come with the standard 'Congratulations' spiel on the reverse of the card. So, I'll call this a hit and lead with this very famous Gilles Gratton mask.
You know I loves me some Rookie Anthology, but I don't have a lot of entries from 2011-12 until I added these 2 cards. While Blum is out of the league and playing in the KHL, Sceviour just wrapped up the season with the Panthers.
While this is a Select card, this did originate in Rookie Anthology. So it counts as an RA card for the purposes of this post.
Random relic from the ladies!
It took a bit of time for Jordan Binnington to reach the inspired goal of Cujo level in St. Louis, but he certainly has during this playoff run. 
'Putting on the Foil'? That's a great name for a subset that features tough guys. I'm not sure what this come from. While the name and logo makes it seem like this is a glove relic, it feels way to leathery for that. Maybe a skate?
Here's an autograph of the late Seth Martin, on the third appearance from Between the Pipes in this post. His International Pioneers designation comes from his time with the Trail (BC) Smoke Eaters and their appearances in the World Championships, including a victory, in the early 1960s. 
And let's end with another tough guy. Sure, this might not be the most legible auto, but McCarty is another one of my favourite tough guys on an on-card autograph. There's a great design here for an unlicensed set as well, and perfectly logical. If your goal is to get your name engraved on the Stanley Cup, it is a perfect place to have an autograph located in this release.

That's it. Just one box left and the Expo posts end until November.

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  1. So many hockey hits it looks like a trade package from you! That McCarty's definitely cool.