Saturday 18 May 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks - Part 16.1 - My Own Private Packening

It has been almost a month (4/23), since I've done a repack post. Time to remedy that. Dennis, @ Too Many Verlanders/Manninghams, knows of my love for repacks. So, the most recent mailer included the contents of one of those 50 pack repacks. The hockey version, naturally. So, I was able to bust a bunch of packs, and throw the wrappers around like Scrooge McDuck.

These were the packs contained within:

1990 Bowman * 5
1991 Score * 5
1991 Pro Set Series 1 * 6
1996 Mint * 3
1997 Pinnacle * 5
1997 Donruss * 3
1997 Leaf * 4
2005 Parkhurst * 2
2006 OPC
2006 UD Series 1
2006 Ultra * 3
2006 Power Play * 2
2006 Parkhurst * 4
2006 Victory
2007 UD Series 1 * 3
2007 Ultra * 6
2007 MVP * 3
2007 Victory

That's 58, enough more than 50 that it is noticeable. I'll break this up into 4 posts, and I'll start with the first 4 in the list.
1990 Bowman is the patron saint set of repacks. It is rare to find a repack that doesn't include at least one card from this set. So, I should show at least one. Here's a player I'd never heard of before, but at least it includes a nice look at the Stanley Cup finals patch.
Each of these packs included a Hat Trick insert, along with the obligatory stick of gum. You're less likely to find the inserts in repack, so I'll highlight all of them. Because why not? As for the gum, I was scheduled for a root canal the next day. So that's why I didn't try it. That's the ticket. A root canal.
Pro Set 1991 was another candidate for the dullest sets in history. With a couple exceptions, such as this, all the photos were taken at ice level with the camera seemingly parallel to the ice surface. Throw in a lack of colour, especially compared to the previous year, and you've got a snoozer.
Too much red for this? OK, so there might be a little too much, but it does work here with a nice photo, as Yzerman contrasts with the white boards. This would actually work really nice with a horizontal layout.
Such as here. This sprawling save would look far less impressive on a modern card with the far larger pads.
Throw in a drawn card of the retiring Guy LaFleur, and 1991 Score easily wins the junk wax battle.

And since I really can't showcase just these cards, I'll fast forward a few years to 1996 with Mint. Each pack includes 3 items:
A base card.
A card with a hole in it. Alfie!
And a coin that can be matched up with its respective holed card.

There you have it! 1997 goodies tomorrow!


  1. I've been looking forward to you posting these. Super cool that you pulled an Alfie! The Yzerman Mint is great as well.

  2. So the coins and the holey cards are different and you have to match them? How bizarre.