Friday 21 February 2014

My best repack pull - EVER

I rather doubt I will ever pull everything this spectacular from a repack product again.

To start at the start, as some are wont to say, Matt over at Cardboard Conundrum posted a recap of his busting of a 20 pack and hit repack from Target. I was near a Target this morning, and decided to see if they had one. They had some hockey and football. Seeing as I'd seen a hockey one busted in blog-land, I figured I'd try the football.

The contents were as followed:

3  packs 2010 Panini Gridiron Gear
1 rack pack 2011 Press Pass
1 rack pack 2012 Topps
7 packs 2012 Topps
1 pack 2012 Topps Strata retail
6 packs 2013 Sage Hit Low Series
2 packs 2013 Sage Hit High Series

For the mathematically inept, that's actually 21 packs.

And the hit as well.

The best ever repack pull wasn't the hit.

It actually came from the rack pack of 2012 Topps.

And it fell at a rate of approx. 1:3600 packs.

I actually thought this was merely a nice looking insert until I looked in the lower right corner. This beauty is numbered to 10.
The film strip is clear, as you can see from the back.

I just wish it happened to be the Jim Kelly.

I'll probably post it on ebay sometime next week, unless there's a Steeler fan out there that can wow me with something spectacular for my PC. The only one from this particular subset on ebay I can see is going for $150.00, but that's Peyton Manning.

For those wondering about the rest of the repack box, I'll start posting that over the weekend.


  1. Wow... nice pull. Talk about beating the odds. I didn't realize they made inserts crazy odds like 1:3600.

  2. That is a hell of a pull. Some repacks are definitely searched, but there are some that just pack up what they get and sell them.