Monday, 30 September 2013

Knocking 1 out of my Top 10 - Via a repack

I was at the *other* dollar store today. This is the one that has repacks as well, but they are 10 cards for a dollar, instead of 15. The offshoot to this is there aren't junk wax era cards in these. Truly a first world dilemma if there ever was.

However, the debate was moot this time, since this card was staring at me through the front of the pack.
This was the one card I needed to finish off the 2010-2011 Hockey Card Day set. I'd picked up a few packs here and there at the flea market, and ended up within one card of the set - this one. It made its way to my top 10 list, and it got crossed off today (and replaced with another set completing single).
And a mask binder card on the other side! What a great repack! What can ruin in it?
Dupes! They could at least have used the French versions.
The NESN 7th Man award might be the most obscure trophy ever pictured on a hockey card. That takes the sting off the dupes.
And the rest!

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