Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Sunday Surprise Box

Why?  They were just hanging there at the Dollarama, calling out to me. I really should stop listening to inanimate objects.

Leading off with card sleeves? Sure. I needed a bunch of them for the group break anyhow. Since they go for $2.00 for a bag at the LCS, I've got my money back.
First up was a pack of 4 80s cards. If you are a fan of cards of relocated teams, you'd love this one. The North Stars team card is a bizarre choice, since it seems like Boston is coming out ahead on the scramble. Fortunately, the puck is just visible behind the Bruin, so it isn't that bad. I've pulled the two Whalers cards from these before, so the winner here is the Steen.
The pack with a guaranteed Superstar was next. Roy? Thornton? Recchi? The supposed superstar card is usually a more recent one, so it is nice to find older stuff in there. Roy's heading for the mask binder.
And finally, a 5 pack of 2000s cards. Leclaire's the only real keeper in this group.

So, I guess the highlight was the sleeves.


  1. $2? I assume that is in loonies? Cuz my LCS has them for a buck a bag. I mean - they are PENNY sleeves after all.