Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Trade and a Pop-up

TaaPu posted a bunch of Angels recently for trade. There were several in the bunch that interested me, so I cleared out some of my boxes in the attic, coming up with about 200+ cards from early 90s sets. A few cards in for a lot out sounds good to me!

There were some Jays and Mets in the mix as well once the package arrived, but I'll open with the Angels that interested me.
It says a lot about me that this was the one I wanted most from the Angels. A wonderfully geeky rookie card of Dave Collins, who'd become a Blue Jay in the 80s for a couple years.
I thought I had this rookie of Devo, but I couldn't find it. Sure, I could have picked it up from sportlots for 18 cents, but getting it through trade is more fun.
Another one I wanted. My first Bobby Bonds card.
I've got plenty of Carews, but I think this is my first where the number ends in the '00'. Of which he has many throughout his career.

Off to the Jays/Mets portion of the trade.
WOO-HOO! Shiny! I actually pulled the non-shiny one the next day when I decided to pick up a pack on a whim. They'll look nice in a binder together.
Quite the bust here. A 14.62 ERA in his second season at A ball. Ouch. But, when it comes to my Mets binder, it doesn't matter. It's in no matter what.
At least these two guys are still around - playing in AA New Hampshire.
And a nice X die-cut of Carlos Beltran.

Lots of binder stuff, and also lots more room in the boxes. The best of both worlds! Thanks for the goodies!

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  1. Glad you liked what I sent. And what you gave me was over-the-top generous. Thanks again.