Monday, 17 June 2013

Masked Mondays - Week #23 or Spring Expo Goodies Post #22

I'm still pimping the break and I've made an update. Free shipping rules, and second pack of Luxury Suite pushed me over the top! So, there are now 19 total hits in the break, with at least one guaranteed for each participant! Details here!

The good news for me is that I'm now done with the goalie mask portion of cards I picked up at the beginning of May. The bad news is that I still have a bunch of baseball to get around to posting. Someday.

There really aren't enough masks that feature homicidal, ghost-like creatures with flaming hair on goaltender masks. Or so I've told my psychiatrist numerous times.
I home I never reach a point in time where I'm going to tire of acquiring cards of Lalime and his Marvin the Martian mask.
Or J-S Giguere's two-faced duck mask.

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