Friday, 14 June 2013

50 Cards. 4 Packs and a Bonus! 6 bucks? Sure!

Another one of the repacks picked up this past Sunday on a trip through the local Target. The packs were 2008 First Edition Update (no shocker there), 2012 Topps Series 1 (slightly more recent than expected), 2011 Topps Chrome and 2011 Bowman Draft.

But what about that bonus?

Just sitting in the box loose, so I guess this was it. It's an Expo, so it's still a bonus.

On to the packs!

2008 First Edition Update

476 Troy Percival
SQ-48 Jimmy Rollins
467 Raul Ibanez
457 Tim Lincecum
494 Paul Loduca
389 Brad Penny
334 Orlando Cabrera
322 Sean Casey
313 Melvin Mora
368 Miguel Tejeda

Best photo of the bunch. So there's that.

2012 Topps Series 1

157 Anibal Sanchez
260 Brian Wilson
236 Jose Tabata
256 MAt Latos
CW13 Scott Posednik Classic Walk-Offs
GM12 Andrew McCutchen Golden Moments
277 Jeremy Moore
69 Dee Gordon
274 Alex Liddi
212 Active AL Wins Leaders
283 Brandon Allen
101 David Hernandez

It's a dupe for me, but still a nice card.

2011 Topps Chrome

211 Joe Paterson
68 Aroldis Chapman Purple /499
6 Zack Greinke
14 Adam Dunn

Even it wasn't the only hit that I pulled, I'd probably still consider it my favourite of the whole break. A beautiful horizontal card that is enhanced by the purple.

2011 Bowman Draft

75 Josh Rodriguez
50 Craig Kimbrel
99 Mike Wilson
BDPP38 Taylor Guerrieri
BDPP76 Josh Parr
BDPP81 George Springer
72 Alex Presley Gold

I didn't bust any of this back then, so colour me surprised on how thick the gold card is. I've come across thinner relics.

Now, some of the highlights from the box of 50.

A pair of guys who I think of as Blue Jays wearing Yankees uniforms.
And a pair of guys who the Jays shipped out to bring Devon White in for the glory years.
And a selection of the rest. I love the unkempt beard and thhe blue uniform on Sutter, and the lack of a beard on Bryn. Seeing a card of Moseby in anything other than Blue Jays colours will be strange to me. Of course, just after sending a PWE to dime box Nick, I come across another 'signing' card. The Jays team card was the only one I pulled in the whole box for them, and since I wanted to show it, the only other inposted horizontal card has to go alongside it. Congrats, Mr. Bordick!

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  1. I'm starting to like Topps Laser more and more every time I see it. Nice hit on the Chapman refractor as well!

    And I actually have that "signing" Wetteland already, but thanks for thinking of me! Of course, keep me in mind for any future ones you pull. :)