Sunday 15 October 2023

Bills! Bills! Bills!

 The mailbag opens up once again, and this time it is another mailer from Dennis in Michigan, filled with a whole pile of goodies! Enough to break into several posts. Today, as I try to forget last week and look forward to SNF, the Bills content.

The reason for the size of this package was this lenticular poster? Large thingy? Man cave content? I don't know what to call it, but it is definitely a nice little display item. 

Yeah, there was cardboard too.
I may have minis in my Bills collection, but until this, no oversized cards. This 1996 entry, out of Pacific Pure NFL Gridirion is my first. And wow, is that ever a 90s Pro Bowl jersey. 
These were dupes for the 2/14 collection, but they are still perfect for my Bills collection!
Time for the volume portion of this post. I like that 1000 yard club of Thurman Thomas for the photographic oddity of having a QB cameo on the card that isn't Jim Kelly, but Frank Reich. 
Remember when Action Packed was the peak of card technology for base releases? And then we'd get shiny cards, and die-cut cards and acetate cards and relic cards and so much more. Rob Johnson might not be anything close to the most popular player in franchise history, but at least that card hits the sweet spot of having infield dirt on the photo. 
Sure, I may have played as many downs for the Bills as Jake "Elite White Person" Fromm, but that doesn't mean I don't want cards of his. I like how on the Illusions card, they handled team RB history with a quality, but surprising choice of Willis McGahee over the usual Thurman Thomas. They did use the far more expected Jim Kelly to combine with Josh Allen elsewhere in the base set.
And the only hit from this portion of the set, but there's more to come! Even if Singletary didn't really make an impact with the Bills, instant or otherwise, that's a nice-sized swatch.

There you have it!