Wednesday 16 August 2023

Wrapping Things Up

Time to wrap up the Cards on Cards mailer, in anticipation of a Too Many Verlanders one showing up later this week.
The best thing about having my 2/14 collection entered into TCDB is that it is really easy to verify when I get a base card and am not that surprised when I realize that they are needs. Except that Pivetta, which was pack-pulled a while back. But he can double-up into my Canadians in MLB collection, so that's a worthy dupe.
Football 2/14 content too! 
And the football appearance is a nice segue into some Bills content as well. Given that Josh Allen's stuff already goes for a bigger price tag with the local premium, getting an insert is a sweet bonus. Any Chronicles stuff is also very welcome, even if opening in a mailer doesn't have the randomness of a pack of the stuff.
Back to baseball with the ill-fated Ryan Freel. He made a depressing descent into mental illness, and without getting the help he needed, couldn't get out except for the saddest way possible.
Given that Palacios managed to get in 13 games with Toronto before moving on to Washington, I doubt this swatch is game-worn (especially since it is described as player worn), but it is a wonderful oddity.
Shiny Met!
Numbered Met! 
Now he's more that just a local guy who I super collect, he's also a champion! That Hoops base card is another one much like those 2/14 base cards - one I'm surprised I didn't have. And that's another Monopoly card. Those goodies in this package weren't just limited to Raptors content. 
And since it seems equally as appropriate to do it here as in a standalone, here's some Jamal Murray content from my latest COMC shipment. Of the 11 cards in this bunch, the only base card is the Chronicles one on top.  
Colourful parallels! On the top with the Optic, there's a Hyper Pink, a Purple Shock and a Target Pulsar. On the bottom, there's a Red White Green Cracked Ice from Select, a Green from Prizm, and a Blue from Status. All sorts of variety for a Lucky 13 of Jamal Murray additions.

There you have it! 


  1. Big fan of Derek Norris back in the day. Cool to see him in your 2/14 PC.

  2. I could have sworn I sent you that Palacios card about three different times, but it kept finding its way back into my trade box. I'm glad it finally made it out this time.