Thursday 3 August 2023

Stop it! You're killing me! SEATTLE!

 Seattle isn't as funny as Homer thinks it is this year for me in group breaks, as they have a 2/14 baby among their ranks in the most recent NFL draft! 

Chronicles was my first chance in group breaks to add cards of his to the collection, and given the natue of the release, I was able to push my Jaxon Smith-Njigba count all the way into double digits before he's even played a down in the NFL.

That's still not close to Christian Hackenberg's 33 cards, while still waiting for his first snap.

Here's some 'base' cards of Jaxon. A different photo on every card here? That's nice. The two on the left are both acetate cards. The Spectra photo looks odd, but it works nicely with the wiped background and the design. That's not the best salute to 1992 Pinnacle with that card. At least look at one base card first. 

Parallels! The Clearly Donruss Purple is /49, and the Magnitude Blue is /99. Sometimes, it is the little things that make a card. In Magnitude's case, it is the inclusion of yard lines on the field. Simple, but so perfect.

And that's now double-digits worth of Jaxon Smith-Njigba in the same break. Whether that fabric ever touched his body is debatable, but at least I've now got my first official hit of his in the collection. I just need an autograph now.

And since I got the Seattle slot, that does mean more cards of Seahawks sporting their college duds. Here's some of 'em!
If you told me in 2013 I'd be landing WVU cards of Geno Smith ten years later, I'd say, "Yes, yes I will".
Kenny McIntosh, a 7th rounder out of Georgia, joins Geno in the one-base card in the break.
Kenneth Walker provides some sophomore veteran content. Because entering your second season is enough to make you a veteran in Chronicles Draft.
Hit #2! This was an eight box break, and there is only one relic per box. So at least Seattle punched above their weight for at least one type of hit.
Here's another draft pick with multiple appearances. Zach went to Seattle in the second round.
And he makes parallel appearances as well. Check out this 'Celestial' parallel /99. Panini really couldn't call it a 'tripping balls' parallel. 
A re-used photo on the card, but this is a beautiful look. Witherspoon was Seattle's top pick in the draft, with the selection acquired from Denver in the Russell Wilson trade. 
More parallels! The red is /149, and the purple is /49. At least there's some consistency on the numbering of the parallels with them looking to be /49 throughout the set. 
Only one auto came my way, and it sorta deviates from the name of the set. Lance Boykin was undrafted, but signed with Seattle. It might not be the most legible, but at least there's more to it than just a couple unrecognizable initials. This is nice - turning the card over is even nicer.
Because the logo is AMAZING.

And I don't have to google to know what a chanticleer actually is. 

There you have it!

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  1. There are way too many Buckeyes and Spartans in this post but at least you kind of saved it with a former Wolverine in Charbonnet. I'll definitely add some non-UCLA cards of him when he has some NFL uni stuff out. Anyway, most players aside, nice break results!