Sunday 2 July 2023

How Alluring

 Retail today! Upper Deck is still dropping 21-22 releases, so I'll keep busting some as long as the nearest Wally World has somem.

There's an error on the pack. The packs actually contain 9 cards, with there being 2 packs per hanger. 

Pack 1:

Taylor Hall is my first Allure card out of this release. At least the background isn't completely, but only mostly, wiped. With a major name, a Sens card, and a couple mask cards, this is a nice retail pack to start. 
Another Sens card! The 1917 shield parallels are one-per-pack in the retail release, and are exclusive to these hanger packs. The Orange Slices are 1:24, and can be found in other releases, and I'll just assume that they'll end up cheap once e-packs become a thing for this release. 

Pack 2:
A Kitchener Rangers alum as the first card out is the highlight here, but there's also the 3rd future Sen in Giroux, as well as a local guy in Scheifele. 
Not a bad card to get a parallel of with that Swayman in the middle. Colton is the more traditional rookie in this release. HHNQ is the only insert, and like the Orange Slice, they're 1:24 in these, but also likely to become super cheap over at COMC when they show up on epack. 

Some PC stuff and some nice shiny cards - a perfectly fine retail experience.

There you have it!

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