Monday 14 February 2022

Annual 2/14 post

Another year, another 2/14 post where I do a Top 10 countdown of some of the additions to my birthday collection from the past year. The rules for inclusion are:

1) The card must have hit the market, in some form, over the past year.
2) It must be in hand.
3) Only one appearance per person.

And we're off:

I'm just throwing this in here because I like the jersey design. I'm just going to hope that there's some sort of Enrique Hernandez thing going on with the guy's name and move on from this.

The former #1 pick's card totals in 2021 consisted solely of this appearance in NCAA Immaculate. But at least he got a nice big swatch out of it, and in this case, a perfect 'ruby' parallel to go along with it.

It is always nice to pack-pull a card for the 2/14 collection - especially when the total packs of Platinum I've opened from this release totals 2. 

Kicker card! Bills card! That's terrific Bass!

The miscellaneous portion of my collection is pretty bare when it comes to hits/numbered cards, so they're another thing I welcome to the collection gladly. While cards that merely feature Okoye don't 
count for the collection, cards featuring Danai in the role do. And it strengthens her lead in the 'misc' numbers portion.

The best thing about his cards is that if dupes end up in my hand, I can add him to my Canadians in the NBA collection, or send them to an Oregon collector. Unfortunately for Eugene, he suffered an injury in the G-League and was waived by Dallas.

You just knew I'd have to have a Jim Kelly card on this list.

Another card that would also apply to my team collection, with this being the latest candidate for Blue Jays catcher of the future. The photo is one of those that goes just perfectly with the design this year, as Moreno tries to avoid the bars. This will also be one of the last Lansing Lugnuts cards to go into my team collection, as the team ceased to be a Jays affiliate and is now associated with Oakland. 

Another double hit! Ryan MacInnis is both a 2/14 baby, and a Kitchener Rangers alum. He's also the son of another alum, Hall-of-Famer Al MacInnis. This ends up as the oldest card in this countdown, as 19-20 Clear Cut didn't drop until March of 2021. With all sorts of releases pushed back in hockey for this season (OPC, which usually comes out in early fall releases next week), so there will be some more base cards of 21-22 hockey in next year's countdown. 

I knew this would be hitting the #1 spot in my Top 10 when I first saw it. Firstly, it comes out of my favourite recent release - Chronicles, and also one of my favourite of the multitude of sets contained within - Classics. Yermin also became a new member of the collection in 2021-22, as he made his major league debut after many years in the minors.

But the bonus that guaranteed this the top spot:
It gets acknowledged via the factoid on the back! Yes! 

And there you have it!