Wednesday 17 November 2021

2021 Chronicles Baseball Box Break - Part 1

 While the acquisition of single cards for myself was pretty sparse, I was at least able to add some volume to my show loot bag with a couple boxes, with a couple Panini baseball releases. 

And here is one of them! There is a slight lie on this box, as only some of the packs contained 8 cards, as some had 9 or 10. But I guess that's the direction you want these types of errors to go. 

Pack 1:
And the first card out is a true base card for the CanCon PC. It is always a good way to start a box when the first card out hits a PC.
This year, the Magnitude cards switch to an acetate format. And my first acetate card of the box is one for the Blue Jays PC.
We get the relic out of the way early on. Interesting player, bland swatch. 
And the first pack is a 10 card pack. I guess it also a Fernando Tatis hot pack. But you do get a nice bunting photo among this 7. I think this is Zenith's first appearance in Chronicles baseball. The Bohm is also the prizm parallel, so there's shininess there too! Much like the acetates, I think the Obsidians are one-per-pack this year as well. Overdrive is a new set, and it gives me the top NL rookie.

Pack 2:
Mets content in Pack #2! WOO-HOO! He had a busy season, having stops with 3 franchises before landing in Queens. 
And I get the first autograph of the box as well. Just a beautiful design here, and even with the white background, the silver signature really pops. It might be a total rip-off of Inception, but if you're going to rip off other products' designs, at least take from good looking ones.
And the rest. The simple Classics design makes it my favourite here, despite some more shininess in the Varsho.
And the backs are pretty nice, despite the complete lack of statistics on them.

Pack 3:
No hits. No PC cards. With Spectra getting its own set this year, the America's Pastime cards become this year's version of the 'hit' in the packs that have no hits. I like the Ohtani, but it would have been nice if they'd gone for a pitching photo alongside the hitting photo. A design like that is too perfect for it not to have been done.

Another 3 packs, with 2 more autographs to show off in the next post!


  1. Woo acetate! I still love the mix of designs you get here so I'm happy to see you busting some of this.

  2. Nice auto! Reminds me of a Diamond Kings design.

  3. Nothing wrong with a well designed simple card back. Stats boxes are overrated.

  4. A Verlander swatch is a good get.