Thursday 25 November 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 45.4 - Football Hanger

The finale.
For the second time in this repack, some 2013 Prestige is the opener.
Derek Carr is a perfectly acceptable way to start the hidden cards portion of this. Kyle Brady had a very solid 13 year career, but he'll always be the "We Want Sapp" guy from the 1995 draft. The Jerome Bettis card is a bit of nightmare fuel to ask the question "What would a sentient bobble head look like?". And there's some more 1980!
With this Michael Bennett card combining with the Bates from yesterday, 2003 UD has provided a couple nice photos on the Vikings cards in this repack. Chad Pennington returns to the repack, but sadly, that's the last 1980 card I'll receive here. For the second time in the recap, I also end up with a HOF lineman out of 1990 Pro Set as the middle card in a  group of 9. Kevin Dyson could be a gaudy Fleer mid 90s card, but it is from 2000. 
The last of Chad Pennington. The last of the cards. 

All in all, I liked the 1980s in this, I added a couple cards to my 2/14 collection, and there were a lot of solid names throughout. All for less than I'd shell out for pretty much any single football hobby pack. A hobby pack would like not be able to generate the satisfaction from this. 

1 comment:

  1. Deep first group. Patrick Peterson wins it. Carpenter gets the honorable mention.

    Demaryius Thomas wins the second group. Honorable mention goes to Bruce Matthews.

    Julio Jones wins the third group. Aqib Talib gets the honorable mention.