Friday 23 April 2021

Reading Material

 The final post of two weeks worth of Team Canada greatness - booklet cards.

The booklets were generally one per box, all of which were numbered /25. There were a couple multi-subject booklets, but I didn't land any of those. They've got a general format. Player on the front...

And inside you have an autograph, a second picture, and a write-up about the player's achievements at the national level. That also explains why the portrait of Hall on this card makes him look like he isn't old enough to drive.

Basic backs to these.

While Taylor Hall has appeared before in these posts, here's a first time autograph. This is from the 'unfortunate facial hair' period of Rick's career.
But he does use his space nicely on the inside for a big signature.

Previously, I noted that these booklets were wordier than expected. I didn't mean that in terms of myself, but in terms of being wordier than Upper Deck expected.
Since Joe Sakic signed the front of this card...
and the inside of the card as well. At least it distracts from the past that, at least for this card, the photo does not match the write-up, since that patch dates the photo to the 2004 World Cup of Hockey. I watched some other breaks of this, and came across one where a different Sakic booklet was pulled, and on that one, he only signed once. 

So, what on earth inspired Sakic to sign twice?

Perhaps he was looking over someone's shoulder...
Since Joe wasn't the only one to sign twice. 
Yup. He might be considered The Great One, but he didn't quite understand how booklet autographs worked. And, unlike with Sakic...
Wayne was consistent throughout the set in double-signing his booklets.

Depending on how one views this, I now have either three Gretzky autographs after this break, or five Gretzky autographs. And that's a really good problem to have. I'm probably keeping the latter booklet, since I really like the trophy photo inside, and will probably recover most of the cost of the breaks by selling the top one. I looked on ebay for some other booklets, and it seems that somebody educated him that he only needed to sign them once, as others are only signed inside.

Which makes these even more unique of an item.

Master Collection indeed.

And there you have it!