Tuesday 6 April 2021

Raiding My Private Stock


Much like this weekend, here's another break that has been languishing in the 'To be posted' of my collection for a bit. As in for about 5 months at this point. Better late than never, right? 4 packs today and 4 packs tomorrow.

Pack 1:

The packs have a very constant make-up. There are four base cards, one numbered parallel or insert, two Complete cards, and a relic. So there's only one mystery in the whole pack. Here's the base grouping, of which I'll only show off in its entirety here. 2/14 content highlights this group with the Gaborik, although that is a dupe.

The first parallel - a red /299. 

These are the cards from the Complete portion of the set. Complete (think Total) didn't have an actual release, instead distributing cards throughout all their releases. I do like the design with the slightly faded background highlighting the player.

And here's your relic. The numbering for all the relic seems to come out of some randomizer, as this one comes in at /914 copies.

Pack 2:
Even if it is only a base card, I can't complain about a new Alfie for either his PC, or as a dupe, like this one, moving into the Sens team collection.
Another red parallel in the insert/parallel portion.

Your Complete cards. The Tyler Wright card definitely has a unique photograph, with Wright being photographed approaching the face-off circle.

A perfect pack! Start with an  Alfie, and end with another one. His relics are a little rarer than the Tkachuk, coming in at /532. With this, I'm just a little short of that number of total Alfredsson cards in the collection. This is #529.

Pack 3:
Nothing too interesting among the base here, so here's parallel #3, a /299 of the Gerber baby.
Your Completeness.
Numbered to /1019, hit #3 is for the mask binder.

Pack 4:
Again, not too much with the base, with this being a Shadows insert. While you'd think Shadows would refer to a shutdown defender, here it is just because Ilya's shadow supposedly loomed over the NHL. 
Sens content, and a very forgettable alternate jersey comprised the Complete content.

The fourth and final relic in the post is also the highest number of this group of posts, coming in at /1099. 

4 more packs next time to wrap up this box!


  1. Cool Kovy insert! I remember shelling out $25+ a pack for Titanium, hoarding the relics and chasing the #d/99 rookies (got a Gaborik once, so I kept trying)

    "Gerber baby", lol. It is his rookie card, after all.

  2. Very cool product. Love the one hit per pack concept. I wasn't collecting back in 2003, but I remember one of the online card store (PGH maybe) had a surplus of early 2000's hockey boxes. Thought about picking up some, but never did. #hobbyregret